quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

I coudln't be more Thankful.

Its a rough feeling that kills us from inside.
Its something I have been struggling all this years... if weren't you MY FRIEND I was not able to survive to such idiotic times.
I know that that I wouldn't be able to handle such enormous Challenge without or help, in some way you helped me as no one else ever did.
So this post is directly pointed to all my friend, all the people that helped me and also to all the people I love.
As some of you know I not able to cry, because I swallow all the bad feeling and pain that I get from things that happened all my life.
Seriously, there is no words worthy of you my Friends there is no "Thanks" or "I Love you" Enoughs to explain such a beautiful felling.

My Seriously thanks to:
Mom ~ The Fighter that made me live all this years and never asked me for nothing, words can't show how much I love you <3 *
Father ~ When you were young you were lost and helpless you made so many things wrong that I cant even count them all. But you still my beloved dad <3 *
Andydisater ~ You still my friend... It could be much better if you didn't screw it up, You still have too much to learn and I will not be able to teach you anything at this rate <3 *
Joana Lima ~ Your voice, your calm vibe, your way to smile, the love you give to me drives me crazy you're so addictive <3 *
Spectaculus ~ You're a lost "little" girl who needs to trust on people and a little bit guidance from those who love you, maybe you should let those people help you, and don't you ever forget " You are important for me" <3 *
Flávia Santos ~ A Block of ice Its between you and your heart, But guess what I passed trough, and I managed to make you see the world in a different way and change your personality, Love ya <3 *
Filipa ~ I don't know the reasons why you love me or even talk with me. I wanna say that I'm sorry but I still don't deserve your friendship <3 *
Sara ~ I barely know you but I do know that I don't have to go deeper to find a angel in your chest, you're a really good person <3 *
Ivana Burger ~ The Cute girl that always tries to make me smile, even without a successful story, anyways I love your preexistence <3 *
Elsa ~ My Beloved "teacher" that always find a way to make think about everything... Thanks for all your time, you have a great Heart <3 *

Vektor Aka Tigrino ~ Lost and helpless faggot but still, My Friend, You and Pedritxo have been my best friends all this years <3 *
Kakashi Aka Pedritxo ~ I know that I will always can count with you FRIEND, and you always know That I will always be here to fight along with you and defeat all your ghosts <3 *
Nicholas Nilsen Grant ~ The "Si Si" Boy, I appreciate all your help all this years and your concern, Thanks for all Friend <3 *
Bzaina ~ You fucked up little bastard, all I have to say to you is "METAL UP YOUR ASS \m/" and Thanks you FRIEND "RUN FORREST RUN!!" <3 *

I Guess Thats all, I hope you like it, And theres no need to be Grateful cause I'm the one that Is Grateful.

Love You All.

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  1. "És incrível." :')
    E se desta vez não acreditas, zango-me!
    És mesmo uma pessoa única e sabes bem o que penso de ti <3 *