terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Letter to Santa Claus.

This is my letter to Santa when I will put all the things I want.
1º Make me go near Spectáculus, she really needs me.
2º Help all my friends on there future... A Bright future Its what I'm requesting for them.
3º Make Andydisaster understand things perfectly, she deserves better than I can give her.
4º Ivana, My little nerdie girls was some problems too, help her as well, please.
5º Teach a lesson to my sister, she really deserves it. She needs to wake up so badly :x
6º World Peace.
7º Now...the one that Settles this list... LET US LEAVE A FUCKING PEACEFUL LIFE!

*Please make this Happen*

"The world is yours, and everything in it" - Tony Montana (Scarface)
"Before we find world Peace,we gotta find peace in the world of streets" - 2pac @ Ghetto Gospel.

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